The Pandemic of Censorship

This article is Part 2 of the Truth To Action Series. I had already completed a number of articles that would have constituted Part 2, 3, and 4 of the series on “Death Rate, Science, Lockdown, Fear, the “New Normal”, Vaccines, Social Control and the Immune System” [See Part 1]. However, an unexpected and very […]

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Death Rate, Science, Lockdown, Fear, the “New Normal”, Vaccines, Social Control and the Immune System

This article is Part 1 of the Truth To Action Series. Read Part 2 here. Overview There is a complex and convoluted relationship between death rate or case fatality rate (CFR), science, lockdown, fear, the “new normal”, vaccines, social control, and the human immune system. It is one of the key tasks of this website […]

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Philippine president decides to extend lockdown to 15 May 2020: Response of Nicanor Perlas

Today, morning of 24 April 2020, Philippine President Rodrigo R. Duterte (PRRD) announced his decision to extend the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) from April 30 to 15 May 2020. ECQ is the official name of the total lockdown approach that the government adopted in the Philippines.  Earlier, on April 19, on the basis of new […]

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One-page Open Letter to the President of the Philippines

The following letter entitled “World Experience And New Scientific Findings: Relevance for containing COVID-19” was written to brief top business and government executives about COVID-19 in the Philippines. Attached with this was the longer Open Letter To The President Of The Republic Of The Philippines and a 38-page Briefing Paper on COVID-19. [pdf id=1092] Download […]