We present a very short audio-visual presentation especially for the younger generation in the Philippines. While the appeal is more to the feeling sensibilities of the Filipino psyche, rest assured that all facts are documented in our website: The audio-visual is in Pilipino but the descriptor below will give English viewers a sense of what is being communicated.

Sulong (Advance!) talks about the reality that the original virus of COVID-19 was relatively harmless. The vast majority of people recover from it. So people should not fear the virus. However, it is a different story when it comes to vaccination. People should fear the vaccines. Vaccines are very dangerous. It has killed millions of people and has seriously damaged the lives of hundreds of millions. These are not vaccines, but bioweapons. This is why they are so deadly. We need to stand up against deadly vaccines and outrageous illegal mandates as others are doing around the world. If Filipinos do not do this, they will create a favorable home to medical martial law that has already creeped inside Philippine society. Let us all move forward! Sulong! With the help humanity’s Divine Source, we will be strong inside. And we will be victorious!


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