Public Seminar Episode 9: Soft Vaccine Coercion

This episode addresses alarming developments in the Philippines in connection with forced vaccinations, booster shots, vaccinating the young and soft coercion, the carrot approach to behavior modification. It explains why all of these are unscientific and are in massive violation of the Philippine constitution and laws.

Intensification by government of its mass vaccination drive ignores massive deaths and injuries already taking place in the Philippines and around the world. The country is in the middle of a Pandemic of the Vaccinated and citizens have already sent Cease and Desist demand letters to their mayors and governors. Towards the end, the bulk of the presentation gives a detailed account of the various educational and legal handles that concerned citizens can use including litigation templates to fight against grave coercion and how the vaccine injured can construct an Affidavit that can be used in legal proceedings.  This is a call to take action, not only at the top, but also at the bottom and all over the country. In the end, government cannot force citizens who refuse to take the bioweapons (aka vaccines). For indeed as Rizal said: “There are no tyrants if there are no slaves”!

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3 thoughts on “Public Seminar Episode 9: Soft Vaccine Coercion

  1. Due to the target that the government are enforcing to attain in covid-19 vaccination we in the agencies of the National government employees are forcing now to vaccinate or else according the stipulated message from our director so as in the delivered news if we don’t get vaccinated started December 1, 2021 they will ask us for a regular RT-PCR test at our own expense as a pass to our workplace and perform our task in work. May i ask a help from this very group who believed like my my stand that freedom to choose should exercise in a very free country like Philippines (but sad not anymore, i guess) as to what move i can make in preventing me and my colleagues in forcing of vaccination.. Please help US… please.. this our bread and butter ..we don’t want to lose our jobs because of this filthy vaccination that did not proved there is virus around… i served govt for nearly 20 years.

    1. Hello Alona,

      Thank you for your message. We have been inundated by this same message from various organizations. Please know that IATF resolution released last week is illegal. RA 11525 ensures that there will be no discrimination between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. We have predicted this kind of move from the Philippine government as they are simply following the same playbook. If you are ready to fight for your right to choose for yourself, we have documents on this website that can help you.

      First, please watch this video by Atty. Aaron Soguilon so that you will know your rights:

      Then, please access the documents referred to by Atty. Soguilon here:

      We encourage you to watch last night’s Public Seminar to equip yourself of the other pertinent information you need to know to fight against this coercion from the government (we will update when available).

      Lastly, you can update us through email ( on your challenges and we will try to assist as much as we can. Please know, however, that this will be a difficult struggle and despite all the documents and videos we are referencing, in the end, your success will depend on your own conviction. We join you in praying for your success.

    2. Also, CCH is forming a legal helpdesk that can better assist you regarding your concern. Please signup to the newsletter to be informed as soon as this happens.

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