Public Seminar Episode 21: The Descent of Humanity

What kind of future have you imagined for yourself and your families? Does it include the massive vaccine coercion present in many countries today?

In this episode, Nicanor brings us news of coercion from various countries, as well as the pushback being launched by citizens against these discriminatory policies.

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2 thoughts on “Public Seminar Episode 21: The Descent of Humanity

  1. Thank you for your labor of love. You just don’t how we appreciate your efforts, even endangering yourselves just to save the lives of many people. I pray for your protection, good health and prosperity. God bless you all.

    1. Welcome Ms. Adelaida, we do what we must because we were called to do it. Thank you for the prayers. Please pray too for the enlightenment of our leaders that they may be able to let go of the fear and finally start to listen to science and reason.

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