Gusto Mong Mauna? Magpabakuna!

Huge numbers of deaths and severe injuries due to vaccines. What has brought this about? Challenges mainstream lies about delta variants. Dispels the myth that the unvaccinated are the source of infections and deaths. In fact, the vaccinated are spiking death and infection counts. Vaccines are toxic bioweapons mixed with poisonous graphene oxide. Ending with a call to action to end the vaccine holocaust. In Filipino language to reach all Filipinos around the world. English transcript forthcoming.


2 thoughts on “Gusto Mong Mauna? Magpabakuna!

  1. i am anti vaxx. my son decided to be vaxx because he need to get passport for abroad. my 18 year old daughter at 12 yr old daugther afraid not to be given a privilege for face to face in govt school nxt year thats why we in in our home are now divided because i i told them not to be vaccinated. just ibserved first for the 1st 5yrs what will happened to those who vaccinated. . dissension arrised in our midst as family. we are the only fmly in our community who are not vaccinated.

    1. Hello Ms. Cynthia,

      We commend you for standing your ground. In the past few weeks, evidence of vaccine-induced deaths through autopsies are already coming out. New articles about this will be published in the next few days.

      Our governments are not doing their part in monitoring the real devastating impacts of these vaccines, so we, citizens must do it for ourselves. All the evidence are there, and we certainly hope that people will begin to open their eyes.

      Prayers of strength and courage for you and your family.

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