Covid Call to Humanity Video goes viral. Three of four parts banned by YouTube. Latest global developments confirm facts presented in “Gustong Mong Mauna? Magpabakuna!”. Pandemic of the Vaccinated. Booster shots. Vaccines suppresses immune system 5-6 fold. Natural immunity passports, Continued censorship. Viral video of Mt Vernon doctor deconstructing vaccine mandates in a school board meeting. Philippine CEOs destroying their business and the country with their “No Jab, No Work” policy; Department of Health (DOH) continues to fear monger. Filipinos: Do not yield! Don’t get vaccinated with death shot! Viral Video of prominent toxicologist explaining why he will not get vaccinated. DOH smears his reputation. Calls for censorship. Resist vaccine tyranny. If not, welcome medical martial law. Being forced to get vaccinated by your employer? Dare to be fired to create a document for use in court cases. Or avoid staying in cities. Go back to the land and farm to feed yourself until scamdemic is over or political leadership is changed. Fight for truth, freedom, and health. Video in English and Pilipino. No worries. Either way, what is said in Tagalog is translated in English and vice-versa. Subscribe to our channel. More videos coming. Share far and wide. Stop global vaccine tyranny.


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