CCH1333 Decon-2: Deconstructing the Narrative

Bishops Commit Mortal Sin. DOH Super Liars. Both Killing Filipinos with Killer Bioweapons (aka Vaccines). Title exaggerated? Know the history that started on January 30. 2021. Quote from Perlas article, “The Vaccine Delusion, … Pro-Vaccine CBCP Decision Huge Mistake. Vaccines will not remove lockdowns. Ignores reports of thousands of Covid-19 Vaccine Serious Injuries including Deaths.” CBCP warned that “they may have become willing vessels for such an outrageous, far-reaching criminal decision.” Also, the “bishops basically believe in this vaccine nonsense and are gearing themselves up to be servants of the needle and the devil of lies that stands behind it.” This warning has become prophetic with this viral video from a priest who was very shocked because closed associates, friends, and relative all died, “fully vaccinated”. The priest kept on repeating the words “fully vaccinated”in disbelief. He was programmed to believe that the vaccines were supposed to protect people from Covid-19, not kill them. The priest then shares a shocking prophecy he heard in 1994 from Mother Lucia of Fatima fame. In the 2nd Quarter of the 21st century, Satan will destroy humanity with virus and chemicals. (Read vaccines with poisonous graphene oxide and PEG inside them.) The priest then emphasized that this is “happening now”. He places his faith in the “sustaining power” of the Catholic Church. Misplaced hope. Pope Francis urges all Catholics to take the vaccine as an “act of love”. Totally irresponsible words. Vaccines bring death. There is no love involved in conscious murder of millions. No words from Bishops regarding vaccine hazards. Both the Pope and his bishops from Satan as warned by prophecy from Mother Lucia who claims to have seen Mother Mary and instructed to give out these words of warning? The Department of Health no better. They are super liars. Deaths are happening all around them as reported in the video and in many FB postings. Yet they claim, until today, that the deaths from vaccines are ZERO. No deaths from vaccines. Encouragement for people to wake up. Our once trusted institutions are killing us with bioweapons (aka vaccines). We can no longer believe them. We have to act to create the safe and healthy future we all deserve.


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