CCH Kalayaan News Episode 3: Will Duterte Jab You in your Sleep?

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte made global news by threatening Filipinos that he would inject them with the bioweapon vaccines while the latter were sleeping.

Nicanor Perlas of Covid Call to Humanity (CCH) points out that such a move would violate several provisions of the Philippine 1987 Constitution. And if Duterte does actually carry out his intentions, he would plunge the country into chaos because thousands of citizens would resist this move. Besides, this would be an act of medical tyranny that would make Duterte vulnerable to crimes against humanity.

Millions have already died and are being harmed by the deadly bioweapons (aka vaccines).  So why force the vaccines? Also, the immune system of the vast majority of Filipinos can fight off the disease. In effect, Duterte would be guilty of extrajudicial killings (EJK), a grievous crime. The International Criminal Court is now investigating Duterte regarding the EJKs.  Duterte better be careful.

The most recent survey shows that 90% of Filipinos are deeply fearful of the disease as the way the government has responded to the covid challenge has resulted in massive poverty, joblessness, and hunger, among others. They are fed up. It is a “perfect storm”, as one national newspaper put it.

Perlas warns that no political leader or party in the Philippines has realized that the country is dealing with a scamdemic. Therefore, all of them are in favor of mass vaccinations. Such a stance would make them irrelevant as political leaders as they would not be able to lead the country in a turbulent era where there is global tyranny threatening to depopulate the world and destroy democracy as a way of life.

Perlas rallies Filipinos to shake off their fear and resist the emergence of covid tyranny.


7 thoughts on “CCH Kalayaan News Episode 3: Will Duterte Jab You in your Sleep?

  1. I think many of our public officials down to Brgy. level or Brgy Chairman are ignorant or either violate our constitution. But no one is brave enough to speak up. How can we gather those concerned citizens to join this advocacy.

  2. All of 2020 the news was telling how bad the virus is. The vaccine was not readily avialiable until nov. And dec. at the end of 2021 about 75 per cent Americans were vaccanited.
    Today we have more outbreak of the virus than 2020 when very few people took the shot.
    The shot is not working. Vaccinated people are getting the virus many times and can easily spread the virus. The shot is not the answer.

    1. Not working as they promised. Because it does work, doesn’t it? It works to curtail our freedom and keep us in perpetual control. We must stop these vaccine mandates, and restore the right to choose if governments. We also must not stop posting about the dangers of the vaccine so that those who are starting to question the narrative, will have some resources to read for their own research. Prayers of strength and peace for you fellow freedom fighter!

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